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Upload Class For PHP

class.upload.php – Free PHP Upload Class

This PHP script uploads files and manipulates images very easily. The perfect script to generate thumbnails or create a photo gallery! It can convert, resize and work on uploaded images in many ways, add labels, watermarks and reflections and other image editing features. You can use

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it for files uploaded through an HTML form, a Flash uploader, or on local files. It uses the GD library. This script is released under the GPL Version 2. If your project is not GPL, commercial licenses are available. Look at the example below:

 $foo = new Upload($_FILES['form_field']); if ($foo->uploaded) { // save uploaded image with no changes $foo->Process('/home/user/files/'); if ($foo->processed) { echo 'original image copied'; } else { echo 'error : ' . $foo->error; } // save uploaded image with a new name $foo->file_new_name_body = 'foo'; $foo->Process('/home/user/files/'); if ($foo->processed) { <a style="text-decoration: none; color: inherit; cursor: default; outline: none;" href="http://viagraonline-forsex.com/">viagra</a> echo 'image renamed "foo" copied'; } else { echo 'error : ' . $foo->error; } // save uploaded image with a new name, // resized to 100px wide $foo->file_new_name_body = 'image_resized'; $foo->image_resize = true; $foo->image_convert = gif; $foo->image_x = 100; $foo->image_ratio_y = true; $foo->Process('/home/user/files/'); if ($foo->processed) { echo 'image renamed, resized x=100 and converted to GIF'; $foo->Clean(); } else { echo 'error : ' . $foo->error; } } 

What does it actually do in this example?

This example uses a file uploaded via a form. With this single file, it will :

  • copy the file without any modification
  • copy the file after having cheap viagra changed its name to ‘foo’
  • copy the file, resizing it to x=100, y=auto, converting it to GIF

Why use this class?

  • with one uploaded file, you can do as many copies, convertions, resizing you want.
  • you can resize each image dimension, or both, keeping the image ratio or not.
  • you can choose to resize an image only if it is bigger -or smaller- than the wanted sizes
  • you can manipulate the image in many ways, play with colors, add borders, labels and watermarks…
  • its use is simplistic but powerful
  • you can work on uploaded files or local files, useful for batch processing
  • Flash uploaders are pharmacy online fully supported
  • MIME type detection is very comprehensive
  • more than 60 documented configuration settings
  • a lot of variables are set up during the process. You can retrieve all these values after a process.
  • error messages are understandable, and a variable log allows you to see what the class does.
  • it is already widely used on Internet
  • it is free 🙂

If you like global pharmacy of canada this script and are looking for some thing just like this than grab this script by going on to its website at : Class.upload.php Website

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