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Determining if you or your application is connected to the internet may sound like an easy task – But it really wasn’t as easy as it sounds for me when i was trying to figure a way out to find a way to know if my computer is connected to the internet using VB.net / Visual Basic 2005. I have done quite a search on this… In my search results, I have only seen people praising to use the wininet.dll API, I do not know why people even bothered to post useless code like that, it really does not work! [continue reading…]


I just start programming in the .NET Environment recently – i have used Visual Basic 6 before, but the .NET Environment was new for me but still it was not so tough after all. I’m not an old VB 6 guru either πŸ˜› I just used to make stuff on it for fun – the only i remember that i ever made on it was a Web Browser πŸ™‚ – which i think all the new VB programmers try to make πŸ™‚ and another app i made for fun was for MSN Messenger which was to check if a certain user doesn’t have you on their contact list or has blocked you. This was done along time ago back in the days when we used to use MSN Messenger 7.5 – now i am trying to get deeper into .NET programming. I recently started and felt very comfortable programming in it; The first application i made was a small application which i personally made for one of our network website users and myself. Now, i’m currently working on another application its a System Cleaner quite similar to www.cCleaner.com. I am using Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 right now, i will soon switch to Visual Studio 2008 – I have both installed, but only using VB 2005 for development; Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 both are available Free of charge from Microsoft Website. I’ll be writing useful snippets and functions that i have found to be very useful along my learning experience.


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This site will now be running under the wordpress platform – WordPress is no doubt the simplest solution to your biggest problems. I installed wordpress 2.6.2 as this is the latest release right now, WordPress 2.7 is in development but i just couldn’t wait that long. I had free time in my hands so i thought why not setup a blog here – It’ll be taking me time to make my portfolio. I’ll try my best to keep this place Alive πŸ™‚ – One important reason i am using wordpress here is that i think it should be much easier for me to maintain snippets and tutorials that i will be posting here – and i really like the new wordpress admin user interface that is given to us to right our post πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking the time to read this boring post πŸ™‚